Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats


We visited basketball game on 4th February. How did we get there? Our school, uses a team events to improve communication skills of students.

The game was between the defending champion Miami Heat and guests – Charlotte Bobcats. Since I have never been at professional basketball games, my report is completely amateurish.

The Freedom Tower. It is currently used as a memorial to Cuban immigrations to the United States.

Port of Miami

The AmericanAirlines Arena is home of the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association. As part of its sponsorship arrangement, American Airlines had a giant aircraft painted on top of the arena’s roof, with an American Airlines logo in the center. The design is visible from airplanes taking off and landing at Miami International Airport, where American Airlines has a hub.

At the entrance security surrended our 70-700 mm lens in a locker, because according to the rules, lens shouldn’t be longer than 6 inches ;(

Inside. Babe and Logo.

NBA song

General view of the arena. Flags are telling about the winners team.

Someone gives an interview, someone funs.

Miami Heat knead

Guests too

I took some amateur video

Hero-war with children

Get up. The anthem.

A short video to feel the atmosphere

An amusing cheerleading :)



During a time-out police and security showed up on the perimeter of the site

throw the ball

got it!

Superstar – LeBron James number 6

Competitors are attaking

Successfully :(

One more superstar – Miami Heat – Ray Allen number 34


Promotion of Papa Jones pizza

Again into battle.

Psychological pressure :))

“Three-point” throw

Bingo! Opps….wrong… Oh MY GOD!!!!! WHYYYYYY??? :)

During one of the breaks students of Adventist Academy showed all sorts of acrobatics

And then there were professionals – cheerleaders )

Someone’s Happy Birthday

“Will you marry me?”

And finally a couple of game moments:

The game ended with the score 99-94. We are the champions! :)

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